What is InFellowship? An additional way to connect and communicate with one another and the ministry of Willow Ridge Church. Through this online resource, you can build a personal profile that will allow you to connect with a Family Group (small group ministry), connect with others (directory) and financially support the ministry of Willow Ridge (online giving).
How do I create a profile?

Creating a profile is easy.  Just click ‘create a profile’ below and follow the simple instructions.  Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself.  NOTE: An e-mail address is required to register.

Once you've created your profile you will be able to:

•  Update your personal profile (add photo, contact info, social networks)
•  Access groups (including Family Group members)
•  Access church directory (you can opt in or out of online directory)
•  Set up online giving
•  Manage privacy settings